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Tuesday, 10 December 2013 09:46

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MYJAR pride themselves on keeping it simple with easy to understand loans. Borrow £100 and pay back £120 18 days later - a representative APR of 3943%.

With so many hidden agendas, fees, and rollovers to be found in the world of personal finance – MYJAR wants to make it clear that they help people manage their finances by leading small amounts responsibly.

By helping people manage their finances responsibly, MYJAR is designed for today’s customers. Their customers are regular people, with a regular source of income who don’t want to borrow more than they can afford. MYJAR will lend responsibly and always carry out thorough checks with a credit reference agency to inform their lending decisions.

To further guarantee a safe lending scheme, if you are a first time borrower with MYJAR the most that they will lend is £100. Once you become a trusted customer, you can take out loans of up to £500. There are no rollovers and before receiving any more money, MYJAR make sure you have paid off your first loan.

What Makes MYJAR Different?

No hidden charges: MYJAR endeavours to be fair in all situations by making their short-term loan system as clear and transparent as possible.  If you repay your loan on time there will never be any hidden charges.

No nasty surprises: MYJAR tell you exactly how much it’ll cost you to borrow from them. Customers know upfront how repayments are collected and how to avoid possible late fees. They even remind you a few days beforehand that the payment is due.

No empty promises: MYJAR don’t deal in empty promises; if you have financial problems you can get excellent guidance from the two major debt advice charities that MYJAR support - StepChange Debt Charity and Christians against Poverty.

MYJAR aims to meet the needs of its customers in a responsive, responsible and fast way.

Break It Down – The Figures You Need to Know

MYJAR aims to be transparent about its charges - for every £100 you borrow, you pay back £120 18 days later. That’s a representative APR of 3943%.

Choosing MYJAR for a short-term loan provides a broad range of benefits, but it is their commitment to honesty and transparency that marks them out from their competitors. By offering an easy to use system, and presenting the figures and fees as they are – with no hidden charges - customers can borrow with peace of mind.

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