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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • Offshore Bonds

    Offshore Bonds Three of the offshore deposit-takers have recently issued bonds offering fixed rates of return. This type of bond is aimed at offshore investors seeking higher rates of interest who are prepared to lock up...
  • Offshore Bond Accounts

    Offshore Bond Accounts Bristol & West has been launching bond accounts since 1993 and the most recent launch is the High Growth Savings and Investment bond with a six-year term and links to the FTSE 100, Nikkei 225 and E...
  • Offshore Banking UK

    Offshore Banking UK To coincide with our annual deposit-takers awards, it’s worth bearing in mind a couple of factors that are non-interest-rate related before you make your choice of offshore bank or building society ...
  • Offshore Banking Opportunities

    Offshore Banking Opportunities The banking and financial sector in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States is to receive a grant of US$81,900 to assist the region in becoming fina...
  • Offshore Banking Online

    Offshore Banking Online Derbyshire develops new e-mail service The Derbyshire (Isle of Man) is launching a system that will enable offshore customers to run their bank accounts by e-mail. The service will...
  • Offshore Banking News

    Offshore Banking News With two months to go until the rainy season starts in the Caribbean, the phrase ‘it never rains but floods’ will soon be heard again across these Atlantic isles. Lincoln Fraser,...
  • Offshore Banking Jersey

    Offshore Banking Jersey Sally Wright weighs up the worth of Jersey as an offshore finance centre A year on from the Edwards Report into the conduct of offshore finance centres and Jerse...
  • Offshore Banking Investment Funds

    Offshore Banking Investment Funds Equity International’s medium-risk International Balanced Portfolio currently has 45 per cent of its holdings in UK equities, 20 per cent in US equities (including venture capital fund...
  • Offshore Banking Information

    Offshore Banking Information Jersey...HSBC...Switzerland...Chase Fleming...Luxembourg...Guernsey... the Isle of Man. The list of banks and offshore centres sometimes seems interminable. Victoria Hartley explains how to n...
  • Offshore Banking Guide

    Offshore Banking Guide Will Legal document that determines how all your possessions and assets will be distributed upon your death. Although making a will is not a legal requirement, if you are a non-r...
  • Offshore Banking Explained

    Offshore Banking Explained But why should these alarming currency discrepancies be happening? Economists have offered many different opinions. Some say that the world investment economy is so widely agreed about the over...
  • Offshore Banking Cayman

    Offshore Banking Cayman While the Bahamas has the right to feel a little smug with itself the Cayman Islands appears to be getting twitchy. Readers may remember that when the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and De...
  • Offshore Bank Accounts

    Offshore Bank Accounts Sally Wright reviews the interest rate strategies employed by the offshore deposit-takers offering the top returns Each year, as regular readers will know, Investment International ...
  • Offshore Asset Management Trends

    Offshore Asset Management Trends Chris Vellacott considers the latest equity market trends Equity markets on both sides of the Atlantic have come under selling pressure on account of uncertainty over where the world economy...
  • Offshore Asset Management

    Offshore Asset Management Probably the gloomiest - or most realistic, depending on how you look at it - of our asset managers remains the Bank of Bermuda. The US, BoB believes, looks particularly grim. “The outlook for...
  • Low Risk Investment Strategies

    Low Risk Investment Strategies Not a very obvious suggestion, you might think, and especially not at a time when the returns from deposit accounts are shrinking in every country except maybe Japan (where they’re too lo...
  • Long Term Offshore Investment Opportunities

    Long Term Offshore Investment Opportunities Michael Wilson wonders if the recovery in Japan is more than a temporary bounce There’s really not much room for doubt any more. Exactly ten years after the b...
  • Lloyds Offshore Banking

    Lloyds Offshore Banking Lloyds TSB has launched a limited edition offshore deposit account which will be closed to new investment on 24 November. The Offshore Limited Edition Deposit offers returns of up to 30 per cent p...
  • Jersey Tax Haven

    Jersey Tax HavenJurisdiction on JerseyWritten by Geoff Cook, Chief Executive, Jersey Finance Limited   Stability and security will be the watchwords in offshore financial centres in the months ahead. Offshore banking has been and will...
  • Jersey Offshore Banking

    Jersey Offshore Banking Peter Shirreffs, Director of Offshore Banking for RBSI, says demand for the product has been very high. “It is our most successful product launch ever,” he says. “People realise that with te...

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