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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • Offshore Insurance Services

    Offshore Insurance Services The insurance sector of Jersey has taken some time to establish itself. Since the entrance of Scottish Widows International to the market, however, more players are likely to move in. ...
  • Offshore Insurance Policies

    Offshore Insurance Policies A basic plan - and this will vary by degree according to which insurer you choose - might cover in-patient and day-care treatment and evacuation and repatriation to the UK. The next level up m...
  • Offshore High Yield Investments

    Offshore High Yield Investments The next question you will want to ask yourself is how much of your money you’re likely to want to access at short notice. If you’re expecting to bu...
  • Offshore Hedge Funds

    Offshore Hedge Funds The dismal condition of equity markets has caused many investors to look at hedge funds to better their returns. But, says Victoria Hartley, buyer beware Hedge funds are one of the mo...
  • Offshore Growth Opportunities

    Offshore Growth Opportunities The US economic mood appears to grow blacker by the week. In Europe, the ECB, which not so long ago predicted Euro Zone growth of 3 per cent, has started to revise forecasts downwards. So wh...
  • Offshore Funds

    Offshore Funds Despite being affected by the same adverse exchange-rate movements, the total value of funds still rose by £1.5 billion - from £57.2 billion to £58.7 billion. The tre...
  • Offshore Fund Strategy

    Offshore Fund Strategy Graham Duce, managing director of Towry Law Investment, leads the argument for the US markets. Although his offshore clients are putting a fair proportion of their money into Eurozone investments, he says that it wil...
  • Offshore Fund Managers

    Offshore Fund Managers It’s the time of year when we at Investment International start to research which offshore deposit-takers and offshore fund managers have provided the best re...
  • Offshore Fund Management

    Offshore Fund Management Do you understand the structure of your offshore fund? It may not seem important - after all, you are mainly interested in how much money it makes. But if you are used to the ‘domestic’ fund ...
  • Offshore Financial Services

    Offshore Financial Services Another sector likely to present opportunities through all the swings and turns of the US economy, is financial services. The reason for this is also demographic. As mentioned previously, the ...
  • Offshore Financial Planning

    Offshore Financial Planning Sunalliance International Financial Service’s International Pension Plan offer flexible premiums, which can be made in sterling, euros, US or Hong Kong dollars. In contrast, ...
  • Offshore Financial Centres

    Offshore Financial Centres Last month, the Isle of Man committed to reform its tax practices in the face of pressure from the OECD. Alaric Nightingale examines the consequences for investors In December, ...
  • Offshore Finance Regulations

    Offshore Finance Regulations The bullying has been painful to watch. For months, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and its army of member-states have pushed offshore financial centres around the ...
  • Offshore Finance Guide Continued

    Offshore Finance Guide Continued Money funds come in two forms: either they pay out income (distribution fund) or the income is ploughed back into the fund (accumulation fund). Mortgages Loan secured on a...
  • Offshore Finance Guide

    Offshore Finance Guide Isle of Man Offers a variety of financial products including life assurance bonds, offshore bank accounts and funds. IOM’s reputation has been steadily improved by clever politics and attractive ...
  • Offshore Company Tax Advatages

    Offshore Company Tax AdvatagesSo what are the advantages of offshore companies? Well, like offshore trusts, they are a way of distancing yourself from your assets and the more significant and widespread your assets are then the more useful an offshore com...
  • Offshore Company Formation

    Offshore Company Formation The larger offshore company formation specialists will have offices all around the world. Ocra Worldwide on the Isle of Man, for example, has 26 offices worldwide - ranging from London to Hong ...
  • Offshore Business Banking Benefits

    Offshore Business Banking Benefits Establishing an offshore company is not as difficult as it might appear and the benefits can be substantial, as William Essex explains Let’s start with the basics: offshore companies giv...
  • Offshore Business Banking

    Offshore Business Banking Onshore governments are taking an increasingly keen interest in offshore companies. Andy Coyne looks at the consequences for investors Offshor...
  • Offshore Building Societies

    Offshore Building Societies Victoria Hartley charts the progress of building societies that became banks and those that retained their mutual status The word mutual has always had a nic...

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