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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • Offshore Stock Trading

    Offshore Stock TradingIf you’re working in dangerous territory, there may be a very big advantage in being able to demonstrate to the local kidnappers that all you own is a collection of sheets of paper with ‘Share Certificate’ written at the top of...
  • Offshore Sterling Accounts

    Offshore Sterling AccountsAlliance & Leicester International boosts interest rates.Bradford & Bingley International has unveiled a new sterling account that delivers returns according to the UK base rate. The Base Rate Link acccount offers returns of 4.87...
  • Offshore Savings Accounts

    Offshore Savings AccountsThe winning strategySo, what strategies have the leading deposit-takers been following since we last spoke to them back in February?Most people were talking about the low interest rates at the beginning of the year. The feeling wa...
  • Offshore Property Sales

    Offshore Property SalesYou should think carefully about how you invest the proceeds of your property (er, company) sale. Think particularly carefully if you think you might invest some of the money in US shares (or other US-sited assets). The US governmen...
  • Offshore Online Banking

    Offshore Online BankingDoes the internet represent a way for financial service institutions to save money and forego face-to-face meetings with customers, or does it provide a genuine value-added service to all? Chris Vellacott investigatesOnly ten years ...
  • Offshore Mutual Funds

    Offshore Mutual FundsLatin America is gaining popularity among fund managers on the back of an increasingly solid upswing in Brazil. Argentina, the region’s other main market, continues to suffer from a degree of stagnation caused by deflation in the do...
  • Offshore Investment Theories

    Offshore Investment TheoriesThe long-heralded recovery in the Japanese financial markets appears as far away as ever. Michael Wilson looks at why government reforms have been slow to spark a revivalWill the Tokyo revival ever happen? A year ago you’d pr...
  • Offshore Investment Teps

    Offshore Investment TepsTraded endowment policies are increasingly seen as a useful investment tool. Francis Higney canvasses some expert opinionThere has been a market in traded endowment policies for over one hundred and fifty years. Policies were origi...
  • Offshore Investment Strategies

    Offshore Investment StrategiesLook through legislationHere come the catches. Most of them apply to all uses of offshore companies, rather than just to the tax-efficient ownership of UK property. The first and biggest is look-through. Many jurisdictions ha...
  • Offshore Investment Program

    Offshore Investment ProgramGraham Duce, managing director of Towry Law Investment, leads the argument for the US markets. Although his offshore clients are putting a fair proportion of their money into Eurozone investments, he says that it will be Wall St...
  • Offshore Investment Opportunities

    Offshore Investment OpportunitiesPredicting future trends is a risky but necessary investment process. Michael Wilson finds out where our panel of advisers will be placing their moneyOctober has always been an interesting month for investors and this one ...
  • Offshore Investment News

    Offshore Investment News It’s a sorry story on the whole and the unexpected thing is that the bad news - and the occasional snippets of good news as well - have been so very evenly spread between both large and small com...
  • Offshore Investment Management

    Offshore Investment Management Should you be lucky enough to come into a fortune, Michael Wilson advises that you scale up your investment approach and start to think like a fund manager Everyone with a substantial sum of m...
  • Offshore Investment Funds

    Offshore Investment Funds Royal Bank of Scotland International and NatWest Offshore have together launched an investment bond linked to the Nasdaq 100 index of US ‘new economy’ shares. The Nasdaq Guaranteed Return Bond offers investors...
  • Offshore Investment Fund Strategies

    Offshore Investment Fund Strategies Predicting future trends is a risky but necessary investment process. Michael Wilson finds out where our panel of advisers will be placing their mon...
  • Offshore Investment Brokers

    Offshore Investment Brokers Alexander’s top ten holdings currently make up 41.5 per cent of the fund. His belief that buying the new economy of IT, telecoms and media is buying the future is currently the overriding theme of the fund. ...
  • Offshore Investment Bonds

    Offshore Investment Bonds Albany guarantees return rate Albany International, Canada Life’s offshore arm, has launched a new income bond with a guaranteed return of 1...
  • Offshore Investment Advice

    Offshore Investment Advice Mixed news this month from the bond markets with a number of commentators pessimistic about the US market whilst expressing more confidence in Europe. Largely, as you might expe...
  • Offshore Internet Banking

    Offshore Internet Banking There are a number of issues which have hampered the industry’s total embrace of the internet. Investec’s Pleasant warns offshore institutions not to lose sight of ‘due diligence’ consid...
  • Offshore Interest Rates

    Offshore Interest Rates The deposit-takers have been fairly successful in consolidating their position this year despite fluctuating interest rates. But how will they fare into the millennium and beyond? ...

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