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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • Stock Market Theories

    Stock Market TheoriesYou’ve probably heard just about as much as you can stand about the New Paradigm theory, but we’ll give it the briefest run-through we can get away with, just to be on the safe side. As you doubtless know, Americans sincerely beli...
  • Sterling Offshore Banking

    Sterling Offshore BankingBuilding society style providers remain much smaller operations in terms of customer base and breadth of service in comparison with many banks - one of the reasons you won’t find many in Jersey. With the exception of the Abbey N...
  • South Africa Offshore Funds

    South Africa Offshore FundsVictoria Hartley discovers investment houses are circling in South Africa as the country’s authorities relax outward investment rulesBanking deregulation in South Africa is just one of the multi-pronged government efforts to i...
  • Secure Offshore Investments

    Secure Offshore InvestmentsA beneficial influenceAre you safer if you limit yourself strictly to internationally-traded securities - bonds, blue chips and so forth? As we all know, many large companies list their shares on more than one exchange, often st...
  • Secure Offshore Investment Fundamentals

    Secure Offshore Investment FundamentalsWhichever way you look at it, the stock market fundamentalists have had a lousy couple of years, and the markets are asking them how they could possibly have got it so wrong. America’s economy is now moving into re...
  • Secure Offshore Investment

    Secure Offshore InvestmentTEPs ideally suit the needs of investors who require a combination of safety and security together with growth. Such investors are often wary of investing directly in stocks and shares or in equity-linked vehicles. Those who inve...
  • Schroder Offshore Funds

    Schroder Offshore FundsCurrently, banks are either investing in technology, or financing expansion into the retail market in a timely move to capture outward investment that has been enabled by measures to relax currency exchange. At the time of writing, ...
  • Safe Tax Haven

    Safe Tax HavenWith only two months to go until the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development plans to demand sanctions against jurisdictions with harmful tax practices, Guernsey has yet to respond. It’s time to start talking, says Will Foggo...
  • Safe Offshore Tax Havens

    Safe Offshore Tax HavensTax is one of the most frightening issues many international investors will ever face. Investment International offers some straightforward pointersPlanning tax affairs effectively is one of the toughest tasks any international inv...
  • Russian Investment Opportunities

    Russian Investment OpportunitiesRussia on the ReboundA new report predicts the economies of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are set to grow by 5 per cent this year. Michael Wilson looks at the underlying trends in emerging markets, but cautions...
  • Retail Investment Opportunities

    Retail Investment OpportunitiesThe world’s best-known blue chip stocks can now be tracked on a new global sector-based index, offering new retail investment opportunities.The Dow Jones Sector Titans Indexes, launched last month, operates across eighteen...
  • Pe Ratio Strategies

    Pe Ratio StrategiesConsumer industries probably sound like the least possible prospect for your money at present. With consumer spending (allegedly) starting to flag and with inflation creeping upward, isn’t this just the time to retrench your position ...
  • Online Offshore Bank Accounts

    Online Offshore Bank AccountsOne company that has recently domiciled several of its third-party funds in the Caymans is, the internet-only Islamic fund provider.Rashad Yaqoob, business and product development officer, highlights several of the...
  • Online Investment News

    Online Investment NewsBeyond technology, the blue chip indices of the world have also suffered. The UK’s FTSE 100 index, for example, remains unable to break free of the 6000 to 6900 trading range it has languished in all year. Investors, both private a...
  • Offshore Trusts

    Offshore TrustsJonathan Crowther considers some topical issues arising out of onshore attitudes to offshore trustsThe UK’s Inland Revenue has always shown great respect for the trust concept since it has an essential role to play in a modern economy, bu...
  • Offshore Tep Purchase

    Offshore Tep PurchaseThe possible mis-selling scandal of endowments has sparked a surge in the number of policies being surrendered rather than retained, says Lee Portnoi, managing director of Absolute Assigned Policies.This has been an advantage to the i...
  • Offshore Tep Opportunities

    Offshore Tep OpportunitiesTEPs still have the attraction of an exposure to equities without suffering from wild stock market fluctuations. Life companies are well-known for their conservative method of distributing annual profits, as they keep a large per...
  • Offshore Tax Planning

    Offshore Tax PlanningHowever, the timing may be out of your hands - if you are in a 180-day notice account or a fixed-term ‘bond’, for example. To pull out early will almost certainly mean what you save in tax could be deducted as a penalty for early ...
  • Offshore Tax Havens

    Offshore Tax HavensOffshore centres around the world face a three-pronged assault as heavyweight international organisations step up their efforts to stamp out tax evasion, money-laundering and “harmful tax competition”, writes Angus Foote.Three repor...
  • Offshore Tax Haven

    Offshore Tax HavenThe Mauritius fever has apparently caught the Indian public sector. Following the innovative tax saving methods adopted by foreign and private Indian companies to use tax havens, Life Insurance Corporation of India, the public sector ins...

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