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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • Cayman Offshore Banking

    Cayman Offshore Banking Cayman audits its banks overseas The first onshore inspection of overseas subsidiaries of Cayman Islands’ banks has taken place in Central America. The inspection was carried out by th...
  • Cayman Offshore Bank Accounts

    Cayman Offshore Bank Accounts Cayman Islands rejects ‘dirty money’ claim The Cayman Islands has responded angrily to Jersey’s suggestion that business emanating from the jurisdiction could be tainted with dirty money. ...
  • Cayman Island Banks

    Cayman Island BanksWill Cayman come clean?The Cayman Islands is one of about nine offshore centres that avoided being blacklisted by the OECD by committing to reform its tax practices.And yet, although the island has information on more than 100 accounts ...
  • Best Offshore Savings

    Best Offshore SavingsAndrew Coyne examines the pros and cons of safety-first products and wonders if they are especially relevant for this year’s investment climateYou could, of course, just leave your money in an offshore deposit account. Providing you...
  • Best Offshore Bank Accounts

    Best Offshore Bank AccountsPortman Channel Islands has added new top-paying tiers to both its Gold Plus and Instant Six saving accounts. Portman Building Society’s offshore banking subsidiary has raised the gross interest level tier on the Instant Six A...
  • Best Guaranteed Bonds

    Best Guaranteed Bonds Britannia International has unveiled a 50:50 guaranteed bond that promises a 10 per cent return on half of the invested capital, with the other half going into the FTSE 100. Best Guaranteed Bonds - Opened To N...
  • Bermuda Tax Haven

    Bermuda Tax Haven The essential point is that Bermuda’s tax regime remains one of the world’s most attractive. There are no withholding, capital gains, transfer, wealth, gift or income taxes for non-resident entities. ...
  • Bermuda Bank Accounts

    Bermuda Bank AccountsBermuda is home to more than 500 investment funds, including leading players such as Fidelity, Schroders and Nomura. The investment market in Bermuda handles assets in excess of US$15bn. Bermuda Bank Accounts - Worlds Capitals For Ins...
  • Barbados Property For Sale

    Barbados Property For Sale Faith Glasgow takes a winter break to view the property scene in Barbados Barbados is launching itself into the twenty-first century with an enviable reputation - not only as a gorgeous cor...
  • Barbados Investment Opportunities

    Barbados Investment Opportunities Sugar Hill offers more sporting opportunities - this time for tennis enthusiasts. Backed by tennis player David Lloyd, the development offers courts, a clubhouse and communal pool; it will comprise 46 town...
  • Asset Management Strategies

    Asset Management Strategies Alaric Nightingale speaks to our panel of asset managers and concludes there could be an end to the current bout of interest rate cuts by autumn For those among you wh...
  • Asian Offshore Funds

    Asian Offshore Funds They know a thing or two about lunatic bond yields in Japan as well, but in Tokyo’s case that’s the way it’s always been. You’ll have a difficult time getting more than 1.7 per cent from a typical Japanese ten-...
  • Art Investment Opportunities

    Art Investment Opportunities Investing in antiques is a straightforward business. Trust in your own good taste, decide what you are willing to pay and make your bid. John Shaw explains It was s...
  • American Fund Markets & Personal Spending

    American Fund Markets So far, of course, it’s been the US economic downturn which has been getting all the attention. Wall Street saw a brief and hesitant revival in mid-April which had the market...
  • bermuda offshore banking

    If recent times are anything to go by, every good Bermudan should be able to sense a storm coming from the first gentle breeze on his cheek. Down the years the Island, as it’s known, has seen more than its share of tempests destroying both land and prop...

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