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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • Expat Offshore Banking

    Expat Offshore Banking Despite the general public becoming increasingly wary of the internet, Victoria Hartley finds that the banks still believe it is their future. The internet is old news according to...
  • Expat Investment Asia

    Expat Investment Asia Why, in short, would anybody want to choose Tokyo now when there are so many good alternatives on offer? Actually there are several good reasons, but most of them are technical. That’s to say,...
  • Expat Internet Banking

    Expat Internet Banking A second reputable bank seeking a high profile for its internet services is Isle of Man-based Singer & Friedlander Offshore. The Singer & Friedlander site,, allows you to order a cheque book or a pa...
  • Expat Health Insurance Policies

    Expat Health Insurance Policies Some UK medical insurers will offer expatriate policies where chronic (i.e., long-lasting) conditions are not covered because th...
  • Expat Insurance Planning

    Expat Insurance Planning “For example, emergency evacuation will be a priority for an expatriate if he is in Timbuktu and falls under a bus. He may find the policy only covers evacuation for him plus one person and with no accommodation ...
  • Expat Healthcare Insurance

    Expat Healthcare Insurance Andrew Coyne considers the trend towards full cover against medical expenses The bottom line of medical expenses insurance is that although it may be annoying to pay out large premiums for ...
  • Expat Health Insurance

    Expat Health Insurance Andy Coyne picks his way through the healthcare maze and offers two tips. Don’t try to get health cover ‘on the cheap’; and use a specialist intermediary Are there bargains to be had when buying medical...
  • Expat Financial Planning

    Expat Financial Planning Alex Kavanagh explores tax minefields that expatriates should be aware of when planning life assurance and pensions Working abroad at some point is now considered par for the course for those who work for a...
  • Expat Finance Guide Continued

    Expat Finance Guide Continued Equities Equity means the stake one holds in an asset. So you could have an equity stake in property, land, business - or even a bond fund. When investors talk ...
  • Expat Finance Guide

    Expat Finance Guide Accountancy services “Your accountant does not necessarily need to be an expert in offshore finance,” says David Franks, managing director of specialist firm Blevins Franks. “What he needs is to understand the dif...
  • European Tax Haven

    European Tax Haven Liechtenstein says ‘no’ to banking anonymity Liechtenstein has bitten the bullet and will finally close the door on banking anonymity. The Liechtenstein Bankers Association announc...
  • European Investment Outlook

    European Investment Outlook As we saw at the beginning of our survey, there are so many fundamental reasons why Europe doesn’t deserve to be sucked into the (rather milder) US/Japanese recessionary vortex of 2001 that it’s really rather ha...
  • European Investment Opportunities

    European Investment Opportunities There’s really a very good case to be made for shifting your money into Europe this year. Although we wouldn’t want to exaggerate Europe’s ability to detach itself from the fate of the US economy, we’r...
  • European Finance Topics

    European Finance Topics Giants in Difficulty Be that as it may, Sega lost more than three quarters as doubts arose about its ability to cut it in the hurly-burly world of games consoles. Mitsubishi Electric (which owns the...
  • Euro Investment Opportunities

    Euro Investment Opportunities Economic archaeologist Michael Wilson unearths evidence of a primitive currency found off the coast of Great China - the euro Archaeologists examining the submerged flat...
  • Dow Jones Investment Opportunities

    Dow Jones Investment Opportunities The Dow Jones Industrial Average. Is it a club run by mandarins who carefully avoid volatile companies, or is it an antiquated, undemocratic index that investors should dump? M...
  • Contrarian Portfolio Management

    Contrarian Portfolio Management First, let’s be clear about what we’re not trying to achieve with this portfolio. We’re not deliberately trying to beat the market (although that would be nice), and we’re not offering you a tipsheet for...
  • Contrarian Investing Opportunities

    Contrarian Investing Opportunities Contrarian investing is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s what made George Soros rich so there must be something in it. Basically, a contrarian investor takes the view tha...
  • Contrarian Investing Articles

    Contrarian Investing Articles In a series of contrarian investing articles, Michael Wilson takes a look at five unpopular indices and analyses what they have in store for the year ahead Ask Warren Buffett how he got so fabulousl...
  • Channel Islands Banking

    Channel Islands Banking Of course, Guernsey’s regulatory reputation has never really been up for debate. Only a handful of centres - Switzerland, Luxembourg and Jersey perhaps - could claim comparable anti-money laundering reputations. ...

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