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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • International Investment Strategies

    International Investment Strategies With so much volatility in the market at present, Chris Vellacott says you pays your money and takes your choiceAutumn is definitely in the air and stock markets around the world have entered their habitual ...
  • International Investment Outlook

    International Investment Outlook Last year, which began with the rise of TMTs (and technology stocks in particular), seemed destined to end in down-beat despair. As new media mania hit the high street, cash floo...
  • International Investment Funds

    International Investment Funds The surge in Latin American fund interest is easier to explain in some ways, because the region’s growing trade links with the United States means that it’s much more familiar to US investor...
  • International Healthcare Services

    International Healthcare Services Despite premium hikes, Andrew Coyne finds that expatriates are increasingly buying the most comprehensive PMI cover available For those who would be expatriates, pri...
  • International Health Insurance

    International Health Insurance The problem is that, when it comes to PMI cover, you may have to pay for a parachute with lots of bells and whistles on it because that’s what other customers have demanded. Debbie ...
  • International Finance Topics

    International Finance Topics Michael Wilson considers the theory that new technologies are rewriting our traditional rules for measuring stock market value There was a t...
  • International Business Opportunities

    International Business Opportunities With the usually strong US beginning to look a little shaky, Alaric Nightingale takes a closer look at which markets will benefit most For a few years now, Americ...
  • International Banking Guide Continued

    International Banking Guide Continued Stock market Another term for stock exchange. Switzerland Tax haven for international investors, renowned for private banking facilities. Home to more than £2.5 trillion worth of...
  • International Banking Guide

    International Banking Guide Overseas territories The term overseas territories is an acknowledgment of the political correctness lobby. Formerly called dependencies, overseas territories are Bermuda, the British V...
  • II :: Internaxx Market Outlook 25 September 2008

    Market Outlook - US : US markets posted the steepest two-day rally since 1987 after the SEC banned short selling on financial stocks (until October 2nd) and the Government detailed its 700 billion dollar plan to help the financial sector. Shar...
  • Insurance for expats

    Insurance for expats Would-be clients entering the site take five minutes or so to fill in the details of their personal circumstances and within 24 hours Medibroker will respond with an online quote. If someone wants to follow it ...
  • High Yields Offshore Investments

    High Yields Offshore Investments For some investors, a perfectly reasonable response to this uncertainty would be to sit tight and do nothing. If you’re permanently resident in the Eurozone, with every intention of retiring in southern Spain...
  • High Yield Offshore European Investments

    High Yield Offshore European Investments On the euro’s first birthday Andrew Album looks to the future of European markets Continental European bourses disappointed - compared to elsewhere - in 1999. After the euph...
  • High Risk Investment Funds

    High Risk Investment Funds High return fund fails to find favour A fixed-income fund offering a guaranteed return of 15 per cent per annum is failing to excite product providers, who are refusing to include it in their portfolio bo...
  • Guernsey Offshore Banking

    Guernsey Offshore Banking Guernsey is reforming its business practices in response to international criticism and in preparation for a boom in e-commerce, as Chris Vellacott discovers Tw...
  • Financial Spread Betting

    Financial Spread Betting Five years ago, financial spread betting was a City traders’ plaything. But, says Angus McCrone, times have a changed Sometimes quality products are held back by an unattractive name. The Lincolnshire sea...
  • Expats Offshore Financial Planning

    Expats Offshore Financial Planning Andrew Coyne maps out the financial planning route the expat returning home should take It is often said that when buying a property the three most important things to bear in mind...
  • Expat Tax Planning & Expat Tax Havens

    Expat Tax Planning & Expat Tax Havens You’ve been abroad, hopefully made some money, and now you’re returning to the UK to enjoy the fruits of your labour. But, as Andrew Coyne explains, some careful planning is needed ...
  • Expat Tax Havens

    Expat Tax Havens Sandra Nattrass at accountancy firm KPMG says: “You need to look at the tax rates in the country you are in as well as the UK. Get yourself an ice pack and a gin and tonic and make some calculations. “It’s better general...
  • Expat Offshore Finance Centres

    Expat Offshore Finance Centres The Cayman Islands faces its biggest challenge this month, when it will meet with Financial Action Task Force representatives in a bid to convince them not to blacklist the jurisdiction, says Will Foggon ...

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