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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • Japanese Investment Opportunities

    Japanese Investment Opportunities In any other country - the US, for example - we’d be holding up these ultra-cautious consumers as models of sobriety and responsibility in the face of an undeniable problem. But in Jap...
  • Jersey Investment Funds

    Jersey Investment Funds Away from banking, Jersey plays home to a vast number of blue chip fund management groups and portfolio managers. Ashburton (Jersey) effectively spans both of these two groupings. Describing itsel...
  • Jersey Bank Accounts

    Jersey Bank Accounts Andrew Coyne reports on why Jersey is confident it can overcome threats to its future It is sometimes said that when people become rich and money is no longer a con...
  • Japanese Economic Outlook

    Japanese Economic Outlook The country’s base rate is zero, its banking sector and wider economy are a mess. Michael Wilson investigates the consequences of a possible a Japanese collapse for Europe and the US ...
  • Japan Investment opportunities

    Japan Investment opportunities We shouldn’t really use the image of a Japanese earthquake in a metaphorical sense, because there are plenty of people who fear, quite literally, that a real earthquake could one day rip the entire Japanese...
  • Investing In Asia

    Investing In Asia Already, Japanese consumers are free to buy foreign stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and they can keep their money in foreign-currency banks accounts. They can now choose a foreign stockbroker rather tha...
  • Internet Offshore Banking

    Internet Offshore Banking Storms gather over fantasy islands Mmm...the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Grenada... the very names trip off the tongue and conjure up images ...
  • Internet Investment Opportunities

    Internet Investment Opportunities One big uncertainty seems to revolve around the future of the software service companies that seemed to rule the world last year while we were all wor...
  • Internet Banking Services UK

    Internet Banking Services Its not just the banks that are starting to buzz around the web. Fund managers, offshore company specialists, property specialists and spread betting companies are among those offering online services. ...
  • International Tep Investments

    International Tep Investments Recent coverage in the UK press of the ‘mis-selling’ of endowment policies, accompanied by reductions in projected levels of yield, has resulted in life companies having to advi...
  • International property management agents

    International property management agents A good letting agent can be a godsend says Andrea Page, particularly if your property has suffered from the recent flooding that’s gripped the UK Floodi...
  • International Tech Funds

    International Tech Funds So where are the bright spots in the tech stock market, and where are the pitfalls? Though it’s hard to generalise, there seem to be growing doubts about the...
  • International Property Management Opportunities

    International Property Management Flooding in Britain this autumn has created huge repair headaches for property owners, not to mention endangering house-price valu...
  • International Property Laws

    International Property Laws You, meanwhile, remain non-resident. You do not at any stage occupy the property (not for at least five years after the purchase). If you do so, you run two risks. Firstly, there’s...
  • International Property Investments

    International Property Investments For over a decade, property seems to have been immune from the maxim ‘the value of your investments can go down as well as up’. Faith Glasgow explains what part bricks and ...
  • International Offshore Trusts

    International Offshore Trusts Offshore trusts are fundamental to the workings of tax havens and are an ideal tool for protecting your investments, says Francis Higney Offshore trusts exist for one re...
  • International Offshore Tax Havens

    International Offshore Tax Havens Working for an international investment magazine, it doesn’t take long to realise that some offshore tax havens suffer from a bad press. Speak to the financial services demigo...
  • International Offshore Bonds

    International Offshore Bonds With every fall in the bank rate, the attractions of the international bond market get bigger. When the Fed cut the US bank rate by 0.5 per cent in late December, the markets responded with an almost-instant drop o...
  • International Money Laundering

    International Money Laundering A spoof spy caper is currently being played out by the tiny Alpine principality of Liechtenstein and the vast might of euro zone superpower Germany. It involves allegations of drug...
  • International Letting Agents

    International Letting Agents Agents will also visit properties fairly regularly. “We visit every three to six months, although we’ll often go round more frequently,” says Catherine Cockroft, director at Ay...

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